It all began in 2003 when Lola and Simon Marlin needed to release a record called ‘Lola’s Theme’.

Lola had spent one evening playing her favourite old records ‘What About My Love’ by Johhnie Taylor and this got Simon inspired. He went into the studio with Max Reich the next day, found another sample, (Love Me Tonight by Marc Anthony) and Lola’s Theme was made. They originally sent out 5 white labels and then something happened. A buzz started to go around, requests came in and so they pressed up another 2000 copies. They sat in their sitting room at Maida Vale, individually stuck on all the labels and sold them all immediately. The samples were eventually cleared, Jason Ellis of Positiva came on board, as did Cookie on Vox, Karen Poole co wrote the topline and the record was released. It went straight to Number 1 in the UK charts and Nocturnal Groove was born.

Not a bad start for a little label…. From these humble beginnings Nocturnal Groove spent the next 10 years growing in both popularity and prestige, with many DJ’s and producers wanting to come and make it their home. After all, Nocturnal Groove is a family business, and this sense of family has resonated through and still remains the work ethic to this day.

Over the course of its history NG has seen massive releases from (to name a small few) The Shapeshifters, ATFC, K-Klass, Sonny Wharton, Danism, Roy Mclaren, Soul Avengerz, Something Good, Kaa San, Stretch Silvester, Alias Rhythm, and of course the Godfather of house and dear friend of the label Frankie Knuckles. To have been the home of such a house icon in the last 5 years of his enormous career was such an honour, and to release his records as he wanted them to sound was something that NG as a label has cherished. Nocturnal Groove has and always will release music that we feel passionate about, and which we know people will enjoy.

Since 2004, Nocturnal Groove has also run ‘Nocturnal’ events - a celebrated series of parties throughout the U.K at venues such as A.K.A, Turnmills and Godskitchen. ‘Nocturnal’ events have developed a loyal and dedicated crowd and a fine reputation. These parties are set to make a grand return later this year, so keep checking back for more information.

So over 11 years and 120 releases later Nocturnal Groove is still going strong! With founding member Lola solely at the helm and new Label manager Josh Hindley helping steer the ship, here’s looking forward to the next ten years, and all the exciting house music that is sure to come with it.

Welcome to the Nocturnal Groove family.


Frankie Knuckles


Few figures in contemporary music have influenced their respective fields the way Frankie Knuckles has revolutionized dance music.


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